I’m Confused About How To Promote My YouTube Channel

I’m like you.

I’m trying to get more YouTube subscribers. My subscriber numbers are low. Right now I’m at 160 subs. Gained 10 in the last 28 days. This is unprecedented for my YouTube channel. I’m happy with the progress. That said…

Apparently the tipping point is 1,000.


My goal for 2019 is to get 1,000 YouTube subs. 

I’m starting now.

I consistently create Facebook ads that drive traffic. My theory is, I can convert Facebook traffic into subs.

What I did today is created a Facebook ad and directed the traffic to my YouTube page. People responding to the ad will get directed to my most recent beer review. I’ll track the results.

I recently modified my beer review videos to encourage people to subscribe, like and share. Novel idea isn’t it?

My second test will be to drive traffic to my feature length YouTube video. Feature length on the web in my experience is two – three minutes. My reviews are one minute. Feature length is also an increased monetary investment. Feature length gets the most engagement though.

Writing all this to say…

In theory I believe Facebook ad traffic will convert into new YouTube subscribers. We shall see…we shall see.