Why did my initial video views drop off a cliff?

After several weeks of strong initial video views, the past two weeks of initial video views have been very disappointing.

I made two moves over the last two weeks. I think these moves are the cause of my momentum loss.

  1. I launched a video late in the evening.
  2. I changed the titles of the playlist and videos.

Video #41 I dropped close to midnight on a Friday. I didn’t do a good job of managing my time that day. I committed to getting the video out on Friday because the channel promise is to drop a show every Friday.

I’ve read articles suggesting that just like the Google Search Engine, YouTube needs time to index uploaded videos. Two videos I dropped at 3:30 have performed the best. I dropped video #42 at 1:30.

I also read Google needs time to re-index videos when titles get changed. Here is a good segue into the next move I made.

In an effort to be humble, I changed the names of my video titles from “The Best One-Minuteish Craft Beer Reviews” to “Tasting Beer”. In hindsight, this was a very dumb move for a couple reasons.

One, because of what I wrote above concerning “indexing”. Two, because the new titles didn’t include any relevant key phrases.

Seeing the error of my ways, I will change my video titles yet again and schedule my videos to drop at 2:30.