Why Do You Need Haters In Your Life?

Haters are rocket fuel for the entrepreneur.

At its peak, the first business I created in 1998 had 12 employees and two office locations. One of those locations was in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. Beer City USA if you didn’t already know. The motivation that drove me to this success? A hater. Of all people my dad. My dad told me to my face that I couldn’t create a website development company. The rest as they say is history.

Here I sit today. Typing this post. Thinking about the new hater. The new fuel. Someone close to me like my dad. Someone that is a Craft Picks hater. I have been on the fence about how much energy to put into Craft Picks. On the one hand I see uncharted lands filled with promise. On the other hand I see no footprints of anyone that has gone before me. No different than 1998.

I have some haterade in my system and now the promise is more prominent.

It’s funny how this works. Doubt cast aside. Looking at the successes I’ve achieved in the most unlikely of ways. I went from a guy who drinks beer to a guy who is an ambassador of beer. Yeah, it’s local. Gotta start somewhere.

People asking me about beer.  People are trying beers they never would have tried. People are sending me beer from all over the country to put on my show. I have a show! People are buying my logo merch. Companies are paying me to be a spokesperson for them. I have videos playing in a movie theatre. I have a cardboard cutout of myself in a movie theater! People are taking selfies with my cardboard cutout. It’s all so surreal…

The real gold is the relationships I’ve developed. Some cool people are beer drinkers. I’d say 80/20 just like most things. 80% flakes and 20% cool people. The quality of the 20% far outweighs the flaky 80%.

All of this without hater fuel. What more can I accomplish with a tank full of hater fuel?

Well for starters, I just finished planning for the 4th quarter. My goals are:

  • Create an additional 500.00/mo in cash flow
  • Spend 100.00 a month on advertising
  • Create my second (web) feature length video
  • Start building business credit
  • Plan a fundraiser

All good stuff!

But I wonder….

Am I going down the same path twice?

You see back in 1998, I had no plans of creating a website development company. My goal was to make mailbox money. Craft Picks can be a venture that creates a mailbox money scenario. I guess I just answered my own question. I’m going down the same path. This time with more insight and experience. Insight and experience are difference makers that’s for sure. I know what I want the business to do for me therefore the results will be different from the first time.

I guess this is the real moral of the story.

Begin with the end in mind – Stephen Covey.

Find some haters – you won’t have to look far just do you and they’ll show up.

Turn haterade into rocket fuel.

Live a life so good that you’re constantly pinching yourself to make sure it’s real.